Tax law

Steering Legal works, both as consultants and in litigation, in the 2 following major areas:

·  Corporate taxation

·  Wealth taxation

Corporate taxation

·  Management and settlement of all tax issues, by providing advice, through verification and in litigation
·  Providing advice on organisation, investment and flows, at the national and international levels 
·  Handling the tax-related aspects of mergers and acquisitions operations, transfers and restructuring of groups, in coordination with our Mergers and Acquisitions department
·  Providing assistance and defending companies within the framework of tax proceedings
·  International taxation (France and bi- and multilateral conventions)
·  Taxation on transactions
·  Tax litigation

 Wealth taxation

 Structuring of investments (private or professional) and projects
·  Property investments
·  Taxation of heads of companies (management packages, transfers, transmissions, retirement)
·  Structuring of assets holding vehicles
·  Trusts
·  Management of returns
·  Inheritance and estate litigation to ensure the smooth transmission of the estate or to deal with tax or estate litigations
·  International taxation (OECD agreements, expatriation, regularisation of undeclared assets, etc.), based on our international experience and our network abroad
·  Tax control and litigation.