Securities law

/Securities law
Steering Legal works, both as consultants and in litigation, with a French and foreign clientele, composed of:

·  listed companies

·  individuals

·  issuers

 · Providing advice to our clients in their operations relating to listed companies, both for issuers and for all operations relating to listed companies: initial public offerings, take-over bids and derogations, block repurchases, moves to bring new shareholders and private placements, issuance of securities
· Providing assistance in preparing company disclosure documents: background documents, simplified prospectus, annual reports and preparation of shareholders’ meetings, declarations by senior management and threshold disclosure requirements
 · Providing support and guidance to our clients in their relations with the stock market regulating body in France (AMF)
· Representation of our clients before the courts for their litigations relating to securities law: AMF sanctions, litigation with shareholders of listed companies, recourse against AMF approvals, etc.