Public business law and environment

On all matters of public law,
Steering Legal works, both as consultants and litigation in the 2 following major areas:

·  General public law

·  European Union law, which increasingly irrigates national law.

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General public law

·  Assistance to businesses in preparing their responses to consultations relating to public procurement and public service delegations
·  Assistance to public corporations and parastatal agencies in achieving their contractual arrangements (public procurement, public service delegations, administrative long-term leasehold contracts, lease agreements on State-owned land), experience in complex contractual arrangements
·  Advice in the field of administrative law in general (administrative liability, administrative institutions, civil service law, etc.)
·   Experiences in the field of urban planning and development
·  Specific expertise in the energy sector: applicable regulations, support within the framework of renewable energy projects (from development to putting into operation)
·  Representation and defence before all administrative bodies for the settlement of disputes, judicial and out-of-court settlements.

European Union Law

Mainly within the framework of public procurement contracts, competition law and economic law:
·   Consultancy
·  Litigation involving European Community law, before both the national courts and the Community courts, including the Court of Justice of the European Union.
·  Dissemination of legal monitoring bulletins at the request of our clients who want to be informed of the latest developments in European legislation
·  Lobbying to the Community authorities (European Commission in particular) on behalf of our clients, particularly in the area of competition law and the internal market