The PACTE law: Alice Bellilchi provides an update, in L’Usine nouvelle of 11 July, on the changes in company law

In the article published on July 11, 2019 in L’USINE NOUVELLE, Alice Bellilchi, partner Steering Legal Marseille, reviews the major changes brought by the PACTE law in company law : obligation to appoint a statutory auditor, simplified audit, facilitated current account advances, extended inter-company loans, consideration by companies of social and environmental issues, creation of a sustainability fund, measures to make company operations more flexible (annual accounts, BSPCE, free shares, preference shares …) before concluding :

Often described as a “catch-all” law, the Pacte law has the merit of not adding new obligations to companies and of trying to make their operations more flexible. One would have hoped, however, that the legislator would have gone further along this path of simplification in order to improve their competitiveness.

Read the article on the Covenant Act, L’Usine Nouvelle N° 3619, section on Law, 11 July 2019.

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The firm quoted in the dossier on national networks, published on 6 June by the Justice Village

Steering legal is quoted in the survey carried out by the village of justice on the national networks of law firms and the establishments in the provinces, which is the subject of a file published on June 6.

The firm is quoted:

page 4, as an example of an integrated structure, with offices in Paris, Angers, Clermont-Ferrand, Marseille and Tours.

page 6, in the list of multi-bar firms

page 15, with a fact sheet on the firm, which stands out by 1/ the choice of both a local and a global presence and 2 / an accompaniment in 5 regions in France and 4 areas of the world.

Read the file published on June 6, 2019 in the Village of Justice on lawyers’ networks

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