Litigation - Arbitration

Our litigation team consists of experienced and combative lawyers who assist and defend our clients in France and abroad before any judicial or arbitration courts


·  Pre-litigation
·  Corporate law: Enforcement of asset and liability guarantees, disputes between shareholders
·  Commercial law : Subcontracting, liability, breach of established business relationships
·  Bankruptcy law
·  Assistance in judicial expert assessments

Cross-border disputes

· Determination of the most advantageous litigation strategy in the event of disputes involving elements in multiple national jurisdictions
· Search for assets and opportunities for litigation in France and abroad
· Centralized overall management of disputes
· Particular expertise in disputes involving national governments and foreign public entities, particularly the law regarding sovereign immunities

Commercial and investment arbitration

· Counselling to private or public parties in domestic and international arbitration proceedings (ICC, UNCITRAL, etc.)
· Particular expertise in investment arbitration (ICSID, permanent arbitration court, etc.)
· Post-arbitration litigation : Appeals for judicial review, authority to execute, and enforcement of arbitration awards

Freezing of assets and embargos

· Particular expertise in international sanctions (US, UE, France)
· Applications for exemption (Treasury Department, FOCA, etc.)
· Assessment of the impact on commercial and financing agreements