Our Tax Department is once again classified as Excellent and Highly Renowed

According to the Décideurs magazine, the Tax Departement of Steering Legal, headed by the partner Jean-François Bette, has distinguished itself in the 4 following areas of practice :

  • Tax audit and assistance in recovery, ranked as Highly Renowned
  • Taxation of transactions, ranked as Highly Renowned
  • Taxation of international groups, ranked as Highly Renowned
  • Taxation of assets, ranked as Quality Practice

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Our international group taxation activity rewarded

The firm has been classified as a Strong Notorious for its activity in the field of taxation of international groups for 2019 by Décideurs.

This is our 4th distinction obtained in the tax field as we were also distinguished this year in transaction taxation, asset taxation, tax litigation and assistance to recovery.

The tax department is headed by Jean-François Bette, who joined us in Paris as a partner at the beginning of 2019.

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Our Tax department distinguished in 4 categories by Décideurs for 2019

For its activity in 2019, the Tax department of Steering Legal has been distinguished in 4 areas, 3 of which have a Strong reputation:

Taxation of transactions, ranked as Highly Renowned

Taxation of international groups, ranked in Strong notoriety

Tax audit and assistance in recovery, classified in Strong notoriety

Taxation of assets, classified in Quality Practice

The department is headed by Jean-François Bette, who joined the tax department of Steering Legal’s Paris office as a partner with his team at the beginning of 2019.

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Arbitration: Mathias Audit’s intervention at the GAR Live Paris 2019 on November 27th

On November 27, 2019, at the GAR Live Paris 2019 (Global Arbitration Review), Professor Mathias Audit – partner at Steering Legal Paris and professor at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne – will speak on the topic: Corruption, illegality and compliance in arbitration.

Presentation of the presentation:

Corruption, illegality and compliance in arbitration: are we talking about the same animal and where do we stand?

With the latest episode in the Tapie case making news and the Alstom Paris Court of Appeals decision being rendered in recent months, it seems timely to touch base on issues of fraud, white collar crimes and compliance in relation to arbitration.

The panel is expected to discuss, among other topics:

– What are the various situations parties can face in this respect and who has the burden of proof?

– What are the roles and responsibilities of the various actors in an international arbitration, including notably, the arbitrators, the counsel and the arbitral institution?

– Are we noticing any specific trend in the treatment of corruption and illegality allegations in investment arbitration, as opposed to in commercial arbitration?

– Where should the cursor be placed on, respectively, arbitral and judicial activism, in situations where there is an allegation or suspicion that the contract that is the subject of the arbitration was obtained by corruption? Are we seeing any evolution from a comparative law perspective?

– How should arbitrators deal with allegations that certain evidence in a case was illegally obtained and/or has been fabricated or improperly altered or manipulated?

The event, organized around arbitration, is taking place for the 7th year.

– Place: 15 Rue de Laborde 75008, Paris, France

– Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

To view the program and register

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Publication of the 3rd edition of the Treaty on International Trade and Foreign Investment Law, co-authored by Mathias Audit, partner Steering Legal Paris

The 3rd edition of the treaty on International Trade and Foreign Investment Law – co-written by Mathias Audit, partner of Steering Legal Paris and professor at the University of Paris Sorbonne, and Professors S. Bollé and P. Callé – has just been published by Lextenso Editions.

The book deals with two distinct but closely related and even complementary branches of law:

Presentation of the work by Lextenso:

The legal treatment of international economic relations involves two sets of rules: those of international trade law and those of foreign investment law. Traditionally presented as distinct and approached as such, the two branches are nevertheless closely linked: while the first represents the normative framework within which all international economic transactions take place, the second introduces specific mechanisms to regulate and possibly protect transactions aimed at obtaining or developing an asset on the territory of a foreign State.

The approach taken in this book is based on this complementarity, which consists in dealing with each of the two branches at the same time. It deals successively with the legal status of the actors involved in international economic relations (commercial companies, but also States and other public authorities), the regime of operations and litigation, both judicial and arbitral.

The book is intended for students following courses relating to international trade law, foreign investment law or more specific aspects such as international contracts, arbitration or international judicial litigation. It is also intended for legal professionals whose practice relates to international affairs.

To find out more about the book, please visit the following website:

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Project to reform the settlement of disputes between investors and States: Mathias Audit’s intervention at the meeting of 25 and 26 September in Conakry

Mathias Audit, Partner Steering Legal and Professor at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, is participating in the 3rd Regional Intersessional Meeting on Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform (ISDR), which takes place on 25 and 26 September 2019 in Guinea, Conakry, (Primus Hotel Kaloum).

The meeting is part of the project on investor-State dispute settlement reform, currently under consideration by UNCITRAL Working Group III, and aims to discuss RIDR from a regional perspective.

It will be preceded by a training day organized on the initiative of the Government of Guinea and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

Read the programme of the meeting

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Mathias Audit, speaker at the International CBMA Arbitration Congress

Mathias Audit, speaker at the IV International CBMA Arbitration Congress, which will be held on August 7, 8 and 9, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and which will bring together great names from the arbitration community of Brazil and the world.

A dialogue between the various stakeholders – What is not in the rules?

This year’s approach will be the dialogue between the various actors of the procedure, focusing on the challenges to be faced by both the arbitrators and the lawyers and parties.

More informations

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The firm quoted in the dossier on national networks, published on 6 June by the Justice Village

Steering legal is quoted in the survey carried out by the village of justice on the national networks of law firms and the establishments in the provinces, which is the subject of a file published on June 6.

The firm is quoted:

page 4, as an example of an integrated structure, with offices in Paris, Angers, Clermont-Ferrand, Marseille and Tours.

page 6, in the list of multi-bar firms

page 15, with a fact sheet on the firm, which stands out by 1/ the choice of both a local and a global presence and 2 / an accompaniment in 5 regions in France and 4 areas of the world.

Read the file published on June 6, 2019 in the Village of Justice on lawyers’ networks

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“We must be able to respond to the increasing demands of our teams over the last few years”: interview with Sébastien Fleury on 17 May in Le Monde du droit

Following the arrival at the firm of 8 new members in the first quarter of 2019, Arnaud Dumourier, editor-in-chief of Le Monde du droit, interviewed Sébastien Fleury, partner at Steering Legal Paris, on these recent recruitments and the firm’s development prospects. In particular, he discussed:

pursuing a three-pronged development between the provinces, Paris (which remains a key legal centre) but also internationally: it has long been obvious that lawyers cannot remain confined to their own territory and must extend their field of action throughout the world. At Steering Legal, this is part of our DNA.

Read the interview

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