Employment law

Steering Legal works, both as consultants and in litigation, in the 2 following major areas:

· Employment law, within the framework of individual and collective labour relations

· And Social security law

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    · Providing assistance, advice and guidance to our clientele of managing directors, company leaders and executives in everyday corporate relations, in corporate strategy and in litigation

    · Finding innovative solutions

    · Providing help in decision-making, resulting in the definition of objectives and of pragmatic, turnkey solutions

    · Providing advice on corporate strategy based on a thorough knowledge of the specific characteristics of our clients, of their activities, their corporate policy, the respect of their guidelines and on a risk analysis

    · Experience in at-risk litigations

    · Pleadings before the labour courts throughout France

    · Practice in all professional sectors, allowing us to have cross-sectoral knowledge of the business world, how it functions and its constraints.