INFO COVID-19 : STEERING LEGAL remains engaged and attentive to your needs

Dear All,

In the exceptional health circumstances of the spread of COVID-19 that we are currently experiencing, we hope first of all that you, your family and your colleagues are in good health.

From the very first announcements of this crisis, Steering Legal has implemented specific measures to ensure the protection of the health of its members and their families as well as that of our clients and partners, while ensuring the continuity of our services.

All of our teams remain mobilized today to assist you in the upheavals that this situation, and its latest developments following the government announcements of containment, engenders for your activity, with the same diligence as usual.

We are all connected and reachable on our fixed and mobile phones, with access to our emails and all our files via our remote server, located in the Paris region. We have the tools to organize videoconferences and teleconferences in order to keep in touch with you and ensure collaborative work sessions if necessary.

We are also working to provide you with legal answers adapted to this period of crisis and are at your disposal to take the necessary steps to help you overcome it.

With regard to ongoing litigation files, the Ministry of Justice has announced that all hearings must be postponed, except for summary hearings that are absolutely urgent or aimed at putting an end to an imminent danger. The commercial courts are currently making similar announcements. We are in contact with these courts via our Courts VPN keys and by e-mail to ensure that these postponements are carried out in the best possible conditions for your current cases. We are also able to initiate procedures in urgent cases through these dematerialized channels.

We would therefore like to assure you of our full support so that together we can overcome this perilous situation in the best possible way for everyone.