Corporate / Mergers -Acquisitions

Steering Legal works in the 4 following major areas:

· in France
·  or within the framework of any international development project using a network of top-ranked local advisors

Corporate – Company law

·   Creation of companies
·   Legal secretarial services
·   Equity capital transactions
·   Drafting and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements
·   Setting up of stock-option plans, share warrants and bonus shares
·   Issuing of transferable securities

Mergers and Acquisitions / Private Equity

·   Acquisition and sale of companies and businesses
·   Mergers, demergers, support for restructuring
·   Joint-ventures and industrial agreements
·   Development capital operations
·   Risk capital operations
·   Advice for directors, management packages and profit-sharing schemes
·   International expansion projects, using a network of top-ranked local consultants.

International contractual arrangements

·   Negotiation and drafting of international contracts
·   Support and guidance in preparing bids for international calls for tenders
·   Contractually securing investments abroad, particularly in the field of energy and infrastructure

Companies in difficulty and restructuring

·   Support and guidance in negotiations with creditors, banks, suppliers and business partners, for debt restructuring
·   Preventive proceedings (ad hoc mandate and conciliation)
·   Safeguard proceedings
·   Insolvency proceedings (judicial restructuring or judicial liquidation)
·   Litigation involving the responsibility of senior management
·   Advice for buyers of companies in difficulty
·   Advice for creditors