With the second general lockdown planned until December 1, 2020, sanitary conditions in the workplace are evolving!

To take into account the particularities of this new lockdown, on October 29th, the Government updated theNational Protocol to ensure the health and safety of employees in companies facing the Covid-19 epidemic, applicable in all companies since October 30th, 2020. 

This protocol constitutes a guide of good practices, which is not compulsory and binding according to theConseil d’Etat, but which companies can use as a guide to ensure the health and safety of their employees to deal with Covid-19.

The main measures, which will have to be adapted according to the specificities related to the activities of the company and the specific situation of their employees, are in particular the following:

  • The telework is recommended at 100% for the activities which allow its implementation and for the employees who can carry out all their tasks remotely.
  • When the implementation of telework is not possible: the continuity of the company’s activity must be ensured in correlation with the respect of all the rules of hygiene and physical distance in order to reduce the circumstances of exposure and the risk of contamination (distance markings on the floor, regular cleaning and disinfection, posting of barrier measures at break times…) and the employer organizes a schedule optimization of the employee’s departure and arrival times to limit the number of employees at peak times.
  • Videoconference meetings should be the norm and face-to-face meetings the exception.
  • The employer informs the employees of the existence of the “TousAntiCovid” application and of the interest of its activation during working hours.
  • The designation of a Covid referent is recommended. This referent ensures the correct application of the protocol and informs staff about it.
  • Employers can offer screening actions to their employees, who are volunteers.

All our teams remain available to support you in the implementation of this protocol within your company.

The text of this protocol can be accessed by following the link below:

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Measures to combat Covid-19 consequences

Our firm watch on national actions against Covid-19 consequences

Each department of the firm ensures a regular watch on the national measures taken to fight against Covid-19 consequences in order to better inform you, answer your questions and deal with your files.

Numerous measures thus concern the free movement of persons, the transport of goods and merchandise, economy, labour law, tax law, corporate law, public business law and environment, intellectual property and technology law, litigation.

We inform you directly on the firm’s website and regularly update the information published.

Go to our Covid-19 monitoring page

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